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SOUTHERN POEMS :Celebrating the South- Promoting a Positive Mississippi




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Your poems are awesome!! Kudos to you for putting in perspective the southern area of the United States. I could actually see and feel the environment and the elements in all of your poetry as I read each line. 

Brenda Saunders



Patricia, I love your poems. You have captured southern life beautifully. I can see your words, just as clear as looking at a painting. You are a true talent. Continue to showcase your Blessing.

Tonya Cason

Madison, FL


I am impressed with your beautiful poetry. I love the poem "Southern Life". You paint a wonderful picture with such gentle words.

B. Gerad O'Brien, author

Newport, South Wales (UK)


 I just finished reading several of your poems and I wanted to write a quick note to say how heart-felt they are, how deeply concerned with beauty and our shared experience. I particularly like "Poetry" and "Neighborhood Groceries." Congratulations on the publication of your first collection. I look forward to many more in the future.

Natasha Trethewey

Pulitzer Prize winning poet

Atlanta, GA

You captured everything beautiful about Mississippi and made my mind's eye see it while reading.


Bellingham, WA


Through your poetry one can learn about the South and like it too. Through your words I can see, smell and feel the South and enjoy the Southern beauty...even if I never had the opportunity (yet) to visit the South.
 Ivonne Giskus  - Curacao Netherlands Antilles 


I am a native Mississippian. I know exactly of what the author writes. I have lived it. Mississippi flows through my blood in ways that are nearly inexplicable, and yet, Neely-Dorsey has largely explained it through her poetry. Reading her poetry is like coming home to myself.

Shelia Hutcherson- Meridian, MS


There's nothing better Patricia, than to hear you recite your own works - you are spreading the important word that we in Mississippi all have common ground through our upbringing and environment. Those words evoke emotions and instills pride in our lives. Keep up the great work!

Bob Franks -Fulton,MS



Enjoyed your poems. Very evocative.

Bruce Morse- poet, photographer, musician, painter

Sharon, CT


 I was enthralled by your use of verse in a seamless and synchronized manner...I likened your words in print to an orchestrated symphony of instruments working in harmony to produce a melodious sound.

Dr.Morris R.Stanton                                                           Assistant Superintendent of Schools                                              

Natchez, MS                                    

Your poems are quite peaceful and soothing. They take you back to childhood, first loves and sunsets.                        

Love it!                      

Felicia Myrick-Samuels

Jacksonville, FL



They (your poems) are beautiful in their simple language and easy flow.  I'm a NY-er through and through, only having lived in FL for 5 years, but even I can relate to your poems

Patricia Woodside

BEAUTIFUL!! I hear a simple passion in your writings that connects us to the things we take for granted everyday.

Debra Harris



I love the gentle touch!

Marion Hooper

West Memphis, AK 


"heartwarming, insightful, funny & thought-provoking. 

transcends generations, gender and locale"

Ronald Weathersby

Los Angeles, CA


Patricia,  I did get your book and it's as charming as you are. It was a lovely trip down south and I could smell the magnolias as I read your poems.My family is from Kentucky, so I strongly identified with the tone, simplicity and favor.
 Great Job!! You have made the BEST READ Poet List!

Loved your book. It is one of the best books of poetry I have read . You represent ALL of us Mississippi Magnolia girls...regardless of color.

Linda Cochran



Any true born Southerner should own Patricia's book and any non- Southerner must own Patricia's book. 

John E. Cother-Author- "Fear of Spiders"



You write beautiful poetry! It's about time someone can see the positive side of living in Mississippi.

Shelia Scott



I discovered you (Reflections)  while preparing for a teacher retreat for the Mississippi Geographic Alliance. I went on a mission to find and purchase your book. I have enjoyed reading and reflecting on your written words.  Keep putting your thoughts in print, they are priceless!

Sandra Kay Morgan

Gulfport, MS



Good for you for promoting something positive. Frankly, I've always felt like Mississippi was the worst state in the union so it's nice to hear otherwise. 

Wyteria Jacobs



When I read your poem "Southern Life", I felt like I was sitting on my great-grandmothers porch, listening to the bees buzzing, swatting the flies, watching the cars go by and  waiting for her to say dinner is ready. 

Michele G.

Poughkeepsie, NY

 I recently finished reading your book. It was an enjoyable read and brought back many memories of growing up in Mississippi. Refreshing read and reminded me of how much I miss the simple life.

Wow, I love Southern Life--it's so alive! I'm actually smelling that hot cornbread--yum!

Karen Lieb

Melbourne, FL


Patricia, I love the poems. The Southern Man described my husband, as well as a bunch more, I figure. Beautiful writing. With each line I could see what your'e describing. Maybe its because I am a Southern gal, but I think its a lot to do with the writer and the beautiful words.
Teresa Denise Munza

Henagar, AL 



Awesome writings! Loved every one of them! I am from the south and I love my heritage and roots. I appreciate the way you accurately painted a portrayal of down home livin'

Sandra Weeks

Stockton, CA


Great Poetry! You really bring out the good things about the south. Keep it up!

Tony Monnette



I truly appreciate you showing the side WE know about "home"! I'm currently living in Washington, DC (a whole city of "transplants"! LOL), and conversations & expressions still "freeze" when I share that Alabama will always be home! I like to tell them that THEY don't realize that DC is below the "Mason Dixon" line, and that they are Southerners, TOO!



You, obviously, have been blessed with a wonderful talent of offering one the ability to reflect on who they truly are being  a Mississippian...Thank you! Thank you!

Rhonda Greening



Just had to tell you I loved Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia.
I live in NYC now but my entire family is from MS, and a friend sent me a link to the MS Arts Council podcast, I heard about your book there, got a copy and just loved, loved, loved it ...Congratulations! I think your "positive" message about our state is beautifully reflected in your poetry. Best Regards,
Jim- New York, New York



I have been reading/savoring more of the poems ... I'm really connecting to the country life ones, even though I haven't had all those experiences. I was born in Paris and lived in cities all my life. But ... we have distant relatives in Indiana, who are all farmers. And my favorite place to go while I was growing up was always to Aunt Beth's farm. Especially in the summer when I could help with picking vegetables. I still remember sitting on a stool in her very tiny kitchen while she was canning tomato juice. She would discard the pith from the stewed tomatoes. When I was there, the chickens were out of luck. I ate as much of that as I could. It tasted so sweet ... she would just shake her head and laugh at me. The food there just tasted better than anywhere else. The aromas from that tiny kitchen are still with me. The beauty of the countryside and sounds of the farm animals ... the mineral smell of the water that seemed to permeate the house. Some people might not like that smell, but I do. Sitting in a rowboat and listening to the whispers of the fishermen over the water, and splashes of the fish jumping here and there. All those things. I think I'm a country girl at heart and your poems definitely connected me to some of the happiest days of my life. And does it get any better than that?

Thank you for the gift of your poetry. It is truly meant to be read over and over again...and then some.

 Chris Dimeglio


 I congratulate such a new and remarkable work of poetry. I being an author and poetess for over 28 yrs discovered this terrific book by Patricia Neely-Dorsey to be graciously appealing to anyone. "Truly unique and fresh as the country air"....and scented with the sweetness of magnolia. I recommend reading her poems at any occassion. Great read for poetry lovers like   me.                                                                       Miisrael   Shields                                Memphis ,TN      




  I just finished reading "Reflections Of A Mississippi Magnolia: A Life In Poems" by Patricia Neely-Dorsey. It is a beautiful, educational, and whimsical book. I highly recommend it!


Swaggie Coleman 


I enjoyed reading it (the book) because each poem was like a cool drink of water on a hot summer day, simply refreshing


OOSA Online BookClub





Your poem (Southern Life) made me want to move to Mississippi

Tracie Loveless-Hill

Waterloo, Iowa 



"Great representation of Southern life!"

Joni Finney Durham


Karen from Mentor said...

Sweet tea, caterpillars and fresh boys on the make....where's my airline ticket....



Vicki Lane said...

. . . and that's what I like about the South!


"I'm up to "Making Cracklings"... such a delightful book! I need some crackling bread right now!  I grew up a city-girl, but my hubby grew up in the country with a garden....your poem, "Shelling Peas", brought back such wonderful memories, sitting on his Mother's front porch, with my silver tub in my lap, shelling peas and butterbeans. Thank you for bringing back such sweet memories!"




internally evolving entirely
Extensive eclectic expression eloquently
Instantly innovative, Courageously creative
your driven, this God given gift it comes naturally to you
Not a need for the dramatics or the systematic
Simplicities, strictly science and mathematics
The mastermind of the mighty mystical and magical moves
And metaphors manifests masterpieces
innocence, insight, you listen to God then write...im so proud of you pat!!!!



 "I recently finished reading your book. It was an enjoyable read and brought back many memories of growing up in Mississippi. Refreshing read and reminded me of how much I miss the simple life."
Shirley- Tupelo,MS













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