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Posted by patricianeelydorsey on December 25, 2009 at 10:21 AM




Christmastime at our house

Was such a joyous thing;

There was much anticipation of what the day would bring.

For many months prior,

The listmaking would begin;

There were so many things I wanted,

On pure memory I couldn't depend.

I carried handy 'round with me

A trusty little list.

There was not one single thing,

I wanted my parents to miss.

And every year, without a doubt,

I couldn't ask for any better,

For I 'd get everything on my list,

Down to the very letter.

The night before, my brother and I,

Would always try our best;

To catch ole Santa in his tracks,

So we'd get little rest.

We'd try to keep ourselves alert,

With a flashlight by our side;

But, every year ole St. Nick

Would cleverly by us slide.

We must have fallen fast asleep,

Before the morning's light;

Because our toys appeared miraculously,

Sometime through the night.

In our den, the floor was covered,

With toys of every kind;

The sheer volume of them all,

Would surely blow your mind.

We'd jump around from here to there,

And squeal with pure delight;

We couldn't have concealed our excitement,

If we tried with all our might.

Later on in the day,

The relatives would pour in;

For the traditional Christmas dinner,

With us and all our kin.

We'd have such an array of food,

Usually, specialties of the South;

One year, we even had a whole roasted pig,

With an apple in his mouth.

We'd exchange gifts and laughter,

And each other's company enjoy ;

The men would often help assemble,

Some child's complicated toy.

Our festivities usually lasted,

Way into the night;

And after all was said and done,

We felt everything went just right.


poem from Reflections of a Mississippi Magnolia-A Life in Poems

Copyright 2008







A real tree from the woods,

Homemade Ornaments

And Popcorn Trim;

Apples, Oranges , Nuts

And Peppermint;

A Doll,

A Ball

A Truck,

And a pair of skates

To Share.


2009 Patricia Neely-Dorsey


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